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The Office of Continuing Profession Development publishes a regular newsletter, *FREE (*Faculty Resources for Educational Excellence), which focuses each month on some aspect of faculty development, including tips, resources, and various opportunities designed to support faculty success.  Current and previous issues may be viewed below.


August 2019: Improving Public Speaking Through Toastmasters and Beyond

July 2019: CME for YOU:  Accreditation with Commendation

June 2019: The International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE): A great resource for faculty development and much, much more!

May 2019: Microaggressions: What are they and how can we address them?

April 2019: Sleep for Success

March 2019: CME Innovations: Help Us Help You!

February 2019: Becoming a PODigy:  Using Podcasts in Health Professions Education

January 2019:  The Suicidal Physician: When the Doctor Wants to Die


November 2018: CME and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Points for YOU!

October 2018: What We Can Learn From the Master Adaptive Leaner Model

September 2018: Cognitive Learning Concepts for Teaching

August 2018: Growing Our Own: Developing Teachers through Educator Mentorship

July 2018: CME for YOU!

June 2018: Getting Your Educational Innovations “Out There”

May 2018: Ageism in Medical Education

April 2018:  Deciphering and Responding to Learner Feedback

March 2018: Growth Mindset

February 2018: Faculty Physician Wellbeing Committee Relaunched

January 2018: Faculty Development Check-In


November 2017: Publish or Perish?

October 2017:  Education Day Extravaganza!

September 2017: Professionalism in Medical Education

August 2017:  Welcome Christie Wills, Manager of Physician Leadership Development and Well Being

July 2017:  Faculty Vitality the Role of the Faculty Affairs Office

June 2017:  Reflections from Dr. Bruce Johnson as he retires from his role as Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs with VTCSOM

 May 2017:  The Value of Teaching Observations

April 2017:  Reliability and Validity…Are You Hitting the Target?

March 2017:  Activating Learner Engagement

February 2017: New Library Resources for Faculty

January 2017: New Series, New Options, New Conversations


December 2016: Twelve Tips for Teaching Excellence in the New Year

November 2016: Spaced Education: A Key Component of Effective Teaching & Learning

October 2016: Create an Explosion!

September 2016: Education Research & Scholarship – How and Where to Begin

August 2016: Embrace Your Faculty Appointment

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