The Office of Continuing Professional Development (OCPD) provides resources designed to further develop our faculty for success within their various and complex roles.  OCPD is organized into two main related areas: Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Professional Development.  The Teaching Excellence Academy for Collaborative Healthcare (TEACH), as well as Physician Leadership and Professional Well-Being, operate as parts of Professional Development.  OCPD provides a variety of resources and services designed to develop healthcare providers and teaching faculty in their leadership, teaching, patient care, and research endeavors.  This goal is accomplished through the provision of workshops, teaching sessions, educational and research consultations, online modules, and more.

Click here to visit our OCPD site which houses information and accredited videos for:

  • Current Topics in Healthcare Series
  • Research Series
  • Graduate Medical Education Core Curriculum Series
  • Physician Leadership, and Professional Well-Being.