Teaching Scholarship, Research, and Innovation

TEACH Education Journal Club
We invite all TEACH membership levels throughout Carilion, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, and Radford University Carilion to join and participate in the journal club. The club will meet 6 times annually and will be limited to 15 TEACH members per club session.

Health Professions Education Research Scholars (HERS)
High-quality education research is dependent upon those that deliver the education to also have the capacity to design and execute rigorous research programs. To meet this need, the TEACH academy has developed an interdisciplinary health professions education research curriculum. The next cycle of the HERS program will begin in the Fall of 2022. Please stay tuned for further details!

Educator Spotlights: Look What Our Educators are Doing!
Which educator is highlighted this quarter!
Who attended the most faculty development sessions this quarter?
What Scholarly Activities have TEACH members published this quarter?

Scholarship Resources
Working on articles, poster templates, or a paper? This page is loaded with “how to’s”, readings, guides, and helpers.

National Educational, Scholarship, and Funding Opportunities
Looking for Educational, Scholarship, and Funding Opportunities? Authors have many choices for where they can share ideas, case studies, and more!

  • Abstract or Paper Submissions
  • Call for Volunteers
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Fellowship Opportunities