2022 TEACH Education Day
October 27, 2022

Dr. Richard C. Vari
Dr. Louis Pangaro, Interim Dean School Of Medicine, Portrait
Dr. Louis N. Pangaro

Inaugural Richard C. Vari, PhD Endowed Lecture

What Does Physiology Teach Us About Assessment and Evaluation?

Louis N. Pangaro, MD, MACP
COL (ret.) MC USA
Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine
Uniformed Services University School of Medicine

The educational process in medicine leads to eventual independence, a time when the faculty need no longer be physically present. It’s hard work for students and also for faculty, and maybe we need simple principles to get students and teachers on the same page. Physiologic systems, for instance, support homeostasis, an internal process of trying to maximize or protect something important and avoid threats, in which self-monitoring or self-regulation is essential.  In their progress toward progressive independence, what in our students are we trying to maximize (some notion of competence) and what are we trying to avoid (unsafe or unprofessional behaviors). How do we foster this and what are simple ways to describe the process of internalizing a promise of expertise and duty? And, what are effective and efficient ways of observing it?

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the concept of an internalized set-point (homeostasis) for what expertise and duty look like as learners progress toward independence
  • Define the knowledge expectations needed from EPAs and milestones as we move from UME to GME to CME
  • Use the process of questioning to transfer power, fun, and responsibility to learners
  • Foster confidence in our shared ability to assess and provide feedback on progress toward independence for students and residents

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