2022 Education Day Selected Presentation and Posters

Selected Presentation

The Initial Impact of Changing Step 1 Grading to Pass/Fail on Medical Student Anxiety, Curiosity and Learning Behaviors
R. LeClair, A. Binks, C. Gambala, J. Brenner, J. Willey


Advancing Women as Change Agents: Creating and Connecting Health Systems Science Curricula Across the Continuum and Beyond
S. Harendt, M. Rudd, S. Whicker, N. Karp, J. Tabor

A Health System Science Approach to Addressing Racial Inequities in Obstetrics and Gynecology
J. Nunziato

An Educational Curriculum for Healthcare Costs and Price Transparency. Is Training In Cost Effectiveness Possible?
K. Coleman, D. LaReaux

COVID-19 Modifications to a First Year Medical Human Anatomy Course: Effects on student performance on end of course examinations
J. McNamara, M. Nolan

Creating and Validating DramaZoom as Teaching Method for Diverse Student Populations
H. Carvalho, P. Halpin, E. Scholz-Morris, R. de Carvalho

EBM on CAP: Do we need evidence-based medicine rounds built in the day? A needs assessment.
K. Khalid, M. Stack Hankey, A. Reddy

End of Life Care in the US: Ethics, Value, and Equity
S. DeWitt

Health Systems Sciences and Interpersonal Relationships: Through the Eyes of a Patient and Physician
L. Wani

Introducing HSSIP into the Pediatric Clerkship with Focus on Social Determinates of Health
V. Permashwar

Mentoring Our Future Healthcare Leaders: What are Our Mentors’ Preferences?
R. McIntyre, S. Johnson, D. Littlepage, C. Barnette, A. Boush, R. Shannon, E. Carter, M. Roberts

Teaching Health Systems Science in the Surgery Clerkship
R. Gates, J. Gillen, N. Karp, T.A. Lucktong

Preliminary Analysis of Student Perceptions of STEP-1 Preparedness
R.B. Mutcheson, R. Pauly

Virtually Implementing a Novel Structured Team-based Mentorship Program: Lessons Learned
S. Harendt, M. Rudd, S. Whicker, P. Skolnik, R. Pauly

We are the Clinical Champions: An Innovative Approach to Integrating Health Systems Science into the Clinical Years
N. Karp, S. Harendt, R.B. Mutcheson, S. Parker, L. Learman