Teaching Session Videos

Education Day is a celebration of our health professions educators, bringing together a diverse community of interprofessional educators and education researchers to celebrate outstanding achievements in teaching.  Click here to view the 2021 Education Day events plus archived events from years past!

High-caliber presenters from across the country will share their knowledge and expertise to assist in the continued development of our skills as educators.
Click here for recordings of previous Education Grand Rounds.

Click here for videos from our HPE and HSS series thus far.  Content being covered includes the best practices in teaching, educational theory, program planning and assessment, enhancing teaching with technology, and educational research.

The Dean's Forum series focuses on innovations, hot topics, and challenges in medical education.  Click here for several examples of "hot topics" that are influencing your world today!

In addition to our series offered by TEACH are our Professional Development series and programs. Click here to find much more for your professional development needs!