TEACH Education Day Scholarly Posters

Do Residents Matter: An exploratory study on the impact of residents on practice patterns in an academic Emergency Department
Sarah Klemencic; Kaitlyn Hinshaw; Ellen Rachel Lockhart

Embedding SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) into Health Professional Trainees Curriculum
Cheri Hartman; David Hartman; Jeffrey Wilson; Richard Seidel; Bill Rea; Nancy Brossoie

Attitudes of VA Mental Health Professionals Towards LGBTQ Veterans
Julian Lagoy; Anita Kablinger; Anjali Varma

Tiered Board Prep Program Improves In-training Exam Scores
Kathlyn Smith; Mary Beth Sweet; John W. Epling; Nancy Misicko; Karen Perkins; Joshua Yager

Integrating Acid-Base and Metabolic Panels Across Systems in an M1 Classroom Activity
Renee’ LeClair; Andrew Binks

Preliminary Application of Cognitive Diagnostic Models (CDM) to Medical Education Assessment of Entrustment
Brock Mutcheson; Tracey Criss; Richard Vari

A Clinically-Focused Discussion of Spirituality and Medicine During the Core Clerkships: Student Knowledge Gains and Feedback
David Musick; Thomas Milam; Bruce Johnson

Pharmacology as a Continuum: A Model for Spaced Repetition, Vertical and Horizontal Integration
Jennifer Cleveland; Joanne Greenawald; Renée LeClair

Pharmacological Treatment of Agitation and/or Aggression in Patients Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review of Reviews
Elham Rahmani; Anita Kablinger

Developing Physician Leadership “In the Trenches” at a Newer Academic Medical Center
David Musick; Mark Greenawald; Christie Wills

Expanding the Resident Experience as an Educator- Teaching Undergraduates in an Experiential Neuroscience Immersion Course
Gary Simonds; Cara Rogers; Chris Busch; Michael Benko; Brendan Klein; Evin Guilliams  Josh Cuoco; Zev Elias; Lisa Apfel; Eric Marvin; Greg Howes; Mark Witcher; Harlad Sontheimer

Developing and Evaluating an Interprofessional Healthcare Ethics Graduate Course: Lessons Learned
David Musick; David Trinkle; Judy Cusumano; Ava Porter;Stephanie Deluca, Lisa Allison-Jones; Richard Vari; Patty Vari

Reconnecting the Mouth to Medical Education
Bud Conklin; Mariah Rudd; Cynda Johnson; Bruce Johnson; Ryan Mutcheson; Lynne Pearo; and Richard Vari

Stressors and Coping Mechanisms of Medical Students
 Tracey Criss; Mariah Rudd; Brock Mutcheson; David Musick; Elizabeth Pline; Aubrey Knight

Shari Whicker; Mariah Rudd; Sarah Parker

The Impact of Resident Geographic Rounding on Rapid Responses and Code Blues
Alexander Williams; Pavan Isanaka; Christa Witt; Chad DeMott;  Tamela Morgan; Brandie Bailey; Ellen Lockhart

Teaching Drug Subculture in Addiction Fellowships: The State of the Field
Bill Rea; Mariah Rudd; Shari Whicker

Basic Science Faculty Conception of Learning and Teaching
Helena Carvalho; Francis Dane; Shari Whicker

Utilizing a New Customizable Scoring Tool for Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Applicants
Susanti Ie; Jessica Ratcliffe; Katherine Shaver; David Musick

Interim Analysis of the Evaluation of the Impact of the Fundamental Critical Care Support Course on Attitudes Towards Interprofessional Education and Care as well as Provider Comfort with Critical Illness
Mark E. Hamill

Predictors of Retention in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Admissions Process
Leah Sowers; Ave Mitta; Karen Layman

The Effect of Problem Based Learning on Exam Scores in the Third Year OB/Gyn Clerkship
Kelley Morel; Fidel Valea; Allison Tegge; Katherine Shaver; Brock Mutcheson