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Carilion Clinic

Research Acceleration Program (RAP): RAP24 will open in Fall 2023

  • Tier I: $40,000
  • Tier II: $10,000
  • Tier III: $2,500

iTHRIV (Integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia): Using Data to Improve Health

Virginia Tech

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Center for Health Behaviors Research (CHBR)

  • CHRB Research Opportunities
    • See Pilot Feasibility Grants for VT/Carilion Collaborations and Health Behaviors Related Studies

Focused Ultrasound Innovation Fund

Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT)

Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment (ISCE)

Teaching-Enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS)


Commonwealth Health Research Board (CHRB)

Federal Grant Reporting & Opportunities

Search for awarded projects with filters (e.g., PI, topic, congressional district [VTCSOM/CC: VA0006; VT: VA0009], funding division, etc.) to identify potential collaborators, funding priorities, etc., or search for funding opportunities by agency.

NGO Funding Opportunities

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