TEACH Membership

Level Benefits & Responsibilities

  • 3 (+Associate) Levels Membership
  • TEACH is an inclusive teaching academy with voluntary membership. All faculty and professional staff affiliated with Carilion Clinic, the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, and Radford University Carilion who have a role in health professions education are encouraged to apply.

Terms of Membership

Membership is automatically renewed based on continued program participation at the appropriate membership level.

Membership Levels

Membership is available in three levels: Emerging, Skilled, and Advanced.

1. Emerging
Faculty or professionals who have a role in health professions education and wish to develop their skills as educators through participation in Academy events and activities.

1-a. Emerging – Associate
Learners – students, residents, fellows, post-doctoral trainees in health or biomedical sciences; educators without a Carilion, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Radford University Carilion


  • Participate in professional development activities such as the Health Professions Educator (HPE) series events and Education Day
  • Include Academy membership on curriculum vitae
  • List participation in professional development events on CV
  • Participation in bonus Academy activities (e.g. education journal club, scholarship support group)
  • Access to teaching expertise, such as advice, discussion, and teaching observations
  • Network with a community of health professions educators
  • Opportunities for mentoring by Academy member


  • Participate in professional development activities such as Health Professions Educator (HPE) series events and Education Day
  • Contribute to the education of health professions learners

2. Skilled
Individuals who have demonstrated excellence in education, have a significant role within an educational program, and/or have developed courses, curricula, and innovative educational materials.

Benefits (in addition to above):

  • Eligible to apply for Academy education innovation grants (when available)
  • Recognition as a skilled educator
  • Eligible to receive a letter of support (from an educational point of view) from the Academy for purposes of faculty promotion

Responsibilities (in addition to above):

  • Participation or leadership in Academy activities and programs
  • Active contribution to community-building by mentoring Academy Members
  • On-going scholarly activity and/or education contributions in the area of health professions education (e.g., national presentations, manuscripts, abstracts/posters, curriculum development, clinical competency committee membership)

  3. Advanced
 Individuals who have demonstrated exceptional educational performance, leadership and scholarship in the field of health education and contribute as an educational leader within the Academy (i.e. active Steering Committee or Subcommittee Member)

Benefits (in addition to above):

  • Recognition as an advanced/ prominent leader in education

Responsibilities (in addition to above):

  • Active contribution to the continued advancement of the Academy through the TEACH Steering Committee, Subcommittee(s) membership, serving as a session(s) facilitator and/or participating as a Teaching Observer or mentor
  • Active participation as an educational leader [i.e. Residency/Fellowship Program Directors and Associate Program Directors (Carilion Clinic); Course Directors, Clerkship Directors, Deans (Senior, Associate, Assistant…) (VTCSOM); and Program Directors and Academic Department Chairs (RUC)
  • Significant participation and leadership in Academy activities and programs
  • On-going contributions to health professions education scholarship in the form of national peer-reviewed presentations and publications