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Faculty Spotlight:  Dr. Vydia Permashwar

This faculty spotlight showcases the achievements and passion of Dr. Vydia Permashwar, newly minted Pediatric Clerkship Director and so much more. The brief video interview profiles Dr. Permashwar’s educational accomplishments, teaching philosophy, and advice for other educators.

Click here for video interview with Dr. Permashwar!


March 2022 New TEACH Members

Please join us in welcoming our new members for March 2022 – Sara Guasch, MD (Internal Medicine), Diana Willeman-Buckelew, PhD (Associate Professor – Radford University Carilion), and Tim Fortuna, DO (Emergency Medicine).



PERKS Winner – Please join us in congratulating Kris Rau, PhD for winning the October – December 2021 quarterly TEACH Perks Award! The Perks Award is presented each quarter to the TEACH member(s) who attended the most OCPD and/or TEACH sessions. Winners are awarded a coffee gift card. If you are looking for stimulating faculty development and the opportunity to win an extra caffeine boost, join us for as many TEACH sessions as you can!

TEACH Member Scholarly Activities

July 2021-September 2021 Academic Scholarly Activities

 State, Regional and National Faculty Presentations:

  •  Sweet, J. M., Physician to Physician Communication. [Panel] presented at Physician to Physician Communication: HSSIP, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine; July 7, 2021, Roanoke.
  • Bankole, A. A., Teaching Rheumatology. [Lecture] presented at Rheumatology Grand Rounds, Carilion Clinic; July 28, 2021, local.
  • Whicker, S. A., Learner Feedback. [Oral Presentation] presented at Cardiology Best Practice Conference, Carilion Clinic; August 5, 2021, Roanoke, VA.
  • Paget, C. J., Exploring the Mentorship Relation from both the Mentor and Mentee. [Oral Presentation] presented at Health Professions Educator Session, TEACH/Virginia Tech Carilion SOM; July 26, 2021, Roanoke, VA.
  • Simonds, G. R., Wellness in Residency. [Workshop Facilitator] presented at SNS Neurosurgery Resident Bootcamp, SNS; July 24, 2021, Online due to covid.

Faculty Publications:

  •  Aitken, J. A., Torres, E. M., Kaplan, S., DiazGranados, D., Su, L., & Parker, S. (2021). Influence of simulation-based training on reflective practice. BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning. doi: 10.1136/bmjstel-2021-000870.
  • Epling, J., (2021, July). Applying methodologies to the curriculum: researching curriculum development and delivery. In M. Akman, V. Wass, & F. Goodyear-Smith (Eds.), HOW TO DO PRIMARY CARE EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH: a practical guide.,. Boca Raton, FL: CRC PRESS.

 Faculty Abstracts and Posters:

  •  Musick, D. W., Mutcheson, B., Vari, R. C., & Trinkle, D. B., Baseline Assessment of Medical Student Knowledge and Attitudes Pertaining to Health Systems Science and Interprofessional Practice. [Poster] presented at 2021 Change MedEd National Medical Education Conference, American Medical Association; September 30, 2021, Chicago, IL.