Educator Development

We’ve gathered some information below to help educators find and build a more inclusive and equitable community, reflectively discover how to actively engage with learners, and examples of peers who embody the principles of excellence in teaching.

Want to:
Improve your instruction skills??

Find out more about new approaches to instruction?
Learn new ways to evaluate your learners?

TEACH offers educational observation and consultation services for faculty of VTCSOM and Radford University Carilion. These experienced educators can provide objective and confidential feedback on your current teaching practices, offer educational resources for improving skills, and/or assist in measuring impact on learners. Read more...

In today’s busy clinical environment, it can be difficult for faculty to attend in-depth training workshops even with advanced planning. We understand this dilemma and offer a Faculty Development on Demand concept in response. We have implemented this concept successfully with many clinical departments and will come to your group and do presentations on a variety of topics related to teaching skills. Please contact if you are interested in working with us to develop and implement a tailored Faculty Development on Demand curriculum for your area.

We commit to being a continuous learning organization that recognizes diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency as essential to excellence. While affirming our common humanity, we expect our learners, staff, and faculty to be sensitive to and respectful of the inherent dignity and worth of each individual in our community. Read more...

Five unique awards have been created over the years to recognize the efforts of our educators and highlight their accomplishments. Please nominate exceptional faculty who embody the principles of excellence in teaching, who go above and beyond in their teaching role, and who will have a long-term impact on your career and that of others.  Read more...