2017 TEACH Education Day Scholarly Posters

Selected Poster Presentation: Faculty Perceptions of Entrustable Professional Activities-based Resident Evaluations in Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency

Integrating Lifestyle Medicine Competencies into a M3 Family Medicine Clerkship-Student Perceptions and Health Habits

Integration of Behavioral Healthcare Into Primary Care-Understanding Perceptions, Skills, and Patient Benefit

Integration of Mental Health Care in Obstetrics – Interprofesional Education Opportunities

Medical Students’ Self-Ratings of Interprofessionalism-Knowledge-Performance Before and After Simulation based Education

OBGYN Resident Wellness Curriculum a Quality Improvement Initiative

On Medical Student Burnout and Wellness – Do Personal Perceptions Matter

Physician Leadership Development -Moving Forward by Looking Back

Stressors and Coping Mechanisms of Medical Students

Using Micro Learning in Teaching Technology

Using Video-Guided Training as a Faculty Development Tool for Creating a Shared Mental Model of Safety for Resident Assessment- A Pilot Study

Advocacy as a Core Competency in GME

Development of an Interprofessional Post-Graduate Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Development of an Interprofessional Scholarship Advisory Group (iSAG)

Dramatization of Starling Forces – An Interactive Learning Approach

Emotional Dialysis© a Live Bedside Procedure & Teaching Methodology

From Esoteric to Practical – Resurrecting Journal Club for Internal Medicine

Initial Results of a Multi-Faceted Continuing Medical Education Intervention Designed to Reduce Unnecessary Blood Transfusions