Zoom fyi

To participate in Zoom:

  1. The meeting will be open for you to join 5 minutes prior to the meeting start time.
  2. On your desktop computer, laptop, or other device, please open the appointment and click on the Join Zoom Meeting link..
  3. There will be a prompt asking you about your audio preference.  Please choose to dial in to Zoom using your phone and then use the call in number provided.
  4. Once you have called in, please mute your microphone on your phone or other devices.  This will allow you to participate and to unmute yourself when you are asked a question or are ready to speak.

Just a couple of notes about Zoom:   

  • If you join a Zoom meeting from your desktop computer, Carilion desktops do not have microphones or cameras unless they have been added as an external accessory.  You need a microphone to participate in the discussion, and this is one reason why we are asking everyone to call into the meeting.
  • If you join from a laptop or tablet, you are more likely to have a microphone and/or camera.  This will allow you to participate without calling into the conference line, but we are asking you not to use this function.  This method of participation takes a great deal of bandwidth and causes the audio to be choppy.  This is another reason why we are asking you to use your phones to call in.

Above all be patient as so many are using these technologies!