WebEx Log-in Instructions

Participating via WebEx will still give participants the ability to receive CME credit for the sessions and they will also count as faculty development related to teaching credit to satisfy VTCSOM Maintenance of Appointment requirements.

First Time Users:

1. You may participate in this webcast with a mobile device, laptop or desktop.
2. For mobile devices please download the free Webex by Cisco app (you will be prompted to do so if you don’t before you can sign on)
3. For PC or laptop users you will be asked to download the webex software when you attempt to sign on.
5. If requested to enter your name and email address please do so. (we will not use this for any other purposes )
6. If asked for a password it is Carilion#1 (case sensitive)
7. Once online you will be given the opportunity for Webex to call you. If you have already dialed into the conference number disregard the audio notices you receive as you log in.

For Additional Assistance:
1. Go to https://van.webex.com/van/mc. On the left navigation bar, click “Support”.
3. You can email me at teach@carilionclinic.org