Reflections from 2017 TEACH Award Winners

In our annual TEACH awards call for nominations (link to nomination form) we ask nominators to reflect on educators who have impacted their lives, careers, and education. Last year, we received over 20 nominations for individuals whose impact was well documented by their students. From our pool of extraordinary nominees, four winners were selected who truly embodied the characteristics of the award for which they each won.

Innovative Teaching Award: Claudia Kroker-Bode, MD, PhD (Internal Medicine)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award: Helena Carvalho, PhD (Basic Science Education)

Feedback Award: PJ Whalen, MD (Pediatrics)

Educator Mentorship Award: David Musick,PhD  (Internal Medicine/Interprofessionalism)

As these 2017 winners get ready to pass the torch to a new group of phenomenal educators, we asked each of them to take a few minutes to share the impact of winning and some thoughts on what this year’s award winners might look like.

How did being nominated and winning a TEACH award make you feel?

David Musick: This was a very meaningful award.  I felt truly honored by this recognition, especially since I thought of several others who were equally, if not more, deserving.

Claudia Kroker-Bode: I felt very special and recognized for all the Innovations I made for the Internal Medicine Residency. And on the other hand I felt humbled being selected out of a large group of great teachers.

Helena Carvalho: It was an honor to be nominated for this award. I felt very special when I received the award and certainly more stimulated to continue investing my time and energy doing research on education.

What does the TEACH [Education Mentorship, Innovative Teaching, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Feedback] Award mean to you?

David Musick: The Education Mentorship award has meant a great deal to me!!  Over the years, I have tried to be of service to others and help them advance their career goals.  Maybe I have done at least a few things right in this regard!

Claudia Kroker-Bode: The Innovative Teaching award means that colleagues and educators do understand and appreciate the efforts and hard work of teaching innovation. It will remind me not to give up even in tough times.

Helena Carvalho: For me, winning the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning award meant that TEACH recognizes and values the effort I have been putting towards scholarship. Education is my passion and it is very important for me when other people value it.

Please describe the impact the award had on your teaching.

David Musick: It has served as a “confidence booster” for sure!

Claudia Kroker-Bode: It is giving me the strength to continue in a field which is not always a highly recognized one. I will strive to be better every day in what I am doing.

Helena Carvalho: It is a step forward in my career as an educator. In different places where I have worked before, there wasn’t real stimulus for creativity or change from the traditional way to teach. This award helped me to feel confident that I am going in the right direction and that what I do is important.

What are some qualities you hope to see in this year’s nominees and winner?

David Musick: I love the fact that TEACH is recognizing faculty who are among the best at various aspects of teaching; this is critically important for our medical school and our academic medical center.  I think that future nominees and winners will display a strong sense of dedication to teaching and a willingness to continually improve their own teaching “toolkits” so that they can touch future generations of learners.

Claudia Kroker-Bode: I would hope that the winners understand that even if teaching can be sometime difficult and underappreciated, it brings joy and knowledge to everybody.

Helena Carvalho: I hope the nominees and winner will be excited with this possibility and grateful for the recognition.