Recognition Brochure

Welcome to our sixth annual Education Day as we CELEBRATE our health professions educators and bring together a diverse community of interprofessional educators and education researchers.  We are excited to welcome Dr. Geoffrey Talmon as our keynote speaker and are pleased to share presentations related to educational innovations that you and your colleagues have developed and implemented to enhance our learners’ experiences both in person and virtually throughout our organization!

While our day may look a little different this year due to our virtual format, we are glad that you all are still able to join us in celebrating our exceptional efforts as educators. We look forward to celebrating the year in health professions education with you!


Shari A. Whicker, EdD, MEd
Senior Director, Office of Continuing Professional Development
Assistant Dean, Faculty Development
Director, TEACH (Teaching Excellence Academy for Collaborative Healthcare)
Associate Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Interprofessionalism
Carilion Clinic/Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

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2019-2020 OCPD and TEACH Speaker Recognition
We give our unending thanks to the faculty who have donated their time and expertise to uphold the missions of OCPD and TEACH.
Anthony W. Baffoe-Bonnie, MD Thomas M. Kerkering, MD
Harsha Bhagtani, MD Jeri Lantz, MD
Andrew Binks, PhD Amy Lax, RN
Andrea Bidanset, MHA, CCRP Renee LeClair, PhD
Allen Blackwood, MD Tonja Locklear, PhD
Brooke N. Blevins, MHA Rita McCandless, MLS
John Burton, MD David Musick, PhD
Frank Dane, PhD Brock Mutcheson, MEd, PhD
Chad DeMott, MD Sarah Parker, PhD
Carley Emerson, MS, CIP, CCRP Rebecca Pauly, MD
John Epling, MD, MSEd Elizabeth Polk, MD
Francis Farrell, PhD Mariah Rudd, BS
Jenny Ferguson, MEd Don Steinweg, MD
Emily Holt Foerst, MA Mattie Tenzer, MS
Mahtab B. Foroozesh, MD Fidel A. Valea, MD
Alex Hanlon, PhD Shari Whicker, EdD, MEd


2019-2021 Health Professions Education Research Scholars (HERS) Participants
The TEACH HERS program was developed to provide participants with instruction in health professions education research principles and guide participants through the achievement of Medical Education Research Certification (MERC) and development of mentor-guided, peer-review quality research projects.
Jennifer Bath, MSN, Trauma Services
Khalief Hamden, MD, Emergency Medicine
Silvia Natalia Jaimes Ocazionez, MD, Pediatrics
Daniel Lollar, MD, Surgery
Julie Morris, DHEd, Center for Simulation
Jaclyn Nunziato, MD, OB/GYN
Srujana Pachigolla, MD, Internal Medicine


TEACH Steering and Subcommittee Members

These individuals have demonstrated exceptional educational performance, leadership and scholarship in the field of health education and contribute as an educational leader within the Academy.

*Steering committee member

Education Research Membership
Dr. Sarah Parker, Chair* Dr. Shari Whicker, Chair *
Dr. Andrew Binks Dr. Lisa Allison-Jones
Dr. Helena Carvalho Dr. Chad DeMott*
Dr. Francis (Frank) Dane Dr. Erica Reynolds*
Ms. Sandra DeHart * Ms. Mariah Rudd*
Dr. John Epling Dr. Mary Beth Sweet*
Dr. David Musick* Dr. Brian Unwin*
Dr. Rebecca Pauly
Ms. Mariah Rudd* Mentoring
Dr. Paul Stromberg* Dr. Adegbenga Bankole, Co-Chair*
Dr. Shari Whicker* Ms. Mariah Rudd, Co-Chair *
Dr. Allison Bowersock
Faculty Development Dr. Isaiah Johnson*
Dr. Shari Whicker, Chair* Dr. Aubrey Knight
Dr. Andrew Binks Dr. Rebecca Pauly
Dr. Allen Blackwood Dr. Tarin Schmidt-Dalton
Dr. Diana Willeman-Buckelew* Dr. Shari Whicker*
Ms. Sandra DeHart*
Dr.  Mahtab (Mattie) Foroozesh Awards and Recognition
Dr. Joanne Greenawald Dr. Aubrey Knight, Co-Chair*
Dr. David Musick* Ms. Mariah Rudd, Co-Chair*
Ms. Mariah Rudd* Dr. Adegbenga Bankole*
Dr. Melina Staykova * Dr. Andrew Binks
Dr. Paul Stromberg* Ms. Sandra DeHart*
Dr. Bruce Johnson*
Journal Club  Dr. Shari Whicker*
Ms. Mariah Rudd, Chair *
Dr. Helena Carvalho Teaching Observership
Dr. Francis (Frank) Dane Dr. David Musick, Chair*
Dr. David Musick* Dr. Jennifer Cleveland
Dr. William Rea* Dr. Chad Demott*
Dr. Shari Whicker* Dr. Mahtab (Mattie) Foroozesh
Ms. Misty Flinchum
Technology & Innovation Dr. Tim Fortuna
Dr. William Rea, Chair* Dr. Bruce Johnson*
Dr. Adegbenga Bankole* Dr. Anita Kablinger
Dr. Allen Blackwood Dr. Daniel Lollar
Ms. Sandra DeHart* Ms. Mariah Rudd*
Dr. David Halpin Dr. Shari Whicker*
Dr. Sallie Beth Johnson *
Dr. David Musick*
Ms. Mariah Rudd*
Dr. Shari Whicker*


A special thanks to…
Dean Lee Learman, Dr. Dan Harrington,
Dr. Patrice Weiss, Dr. Teresa Conner, and Dr. Glenn Mayhew

…for your exceptional TEACH support.