Health Systems Science Foundational Domains-SO

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Change Agency, Management, & Advocacy:
Recognition of the important role healthcare professionals play in advocating for change and growth to improve health systems functioning in ways that produce the best possible patient outcomes in the current environment and anticipating future challenges

Ethics & Legal:
Intersection of ethical and legal issues and factors impacting healthcare delivery and overarching facets of health systems science. AMA Learning module can be found here.

Competencies, personal values, skills, and motivators that contribute to leadership style and intersection with patients, healthcare teams, and healthcare systems. AMA Learning module can be found here.

Approaching all aspects of healthcare delivery with shared goals while drawing upon knowledge and awareness of interprofessional provider roles and skills, understanding the required competencies, and exercising the communication and reflective practice required to function as a collaborative team to improve quality and safety. AMA Learning module can be found here.


Modified from: Skochelak SE, Hammoud MM, Lomis KD, Borkan JM, Gonzalo JD, Lawson LE, Starr SR, eds. Health Systems Science. 2nd Ed. Philadelphia, PA: AMA Education Consortium; 2021