GME Core Curriculum Schedule and Taped Sessions

March 2018   Resident as Teacher: Bedside Teaching by Chad DeMott, MD
Thursday, March 1              7am
Wednesday, March 14        5:30pm
Wednesday, March 28        5:30pm

September 2018 Quality Improvement I by Josh Clark, RN, CPPS
Thursday, September 6      7am
Wednesday, September 12 5:30pm
Wednesday, September 26 5:30pm

December 2018 Quality Improvement II by Josh Clark, RN, CPPS
Thursday, December 6        7am
Wednesday, December 12  5:30pm
Wednesday, December 19  5:30pm

March 2019* Resident as Teacher: Feedback by David Musick, PhD
Dates and Times to be determined.


Video’s of December Session Coming Soon!