Archived Education Grand Rounds Sessions

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September 2019
Call Me by My Name: Seven Habits to Create a Positive Learning Environment by Teri Turner, MD, MPH, MEd

June 2019
Interprofessional Education:  Foundational Concepts and Creative Event Design by Wendy Ward, PhD

April 2019
Sleep, Fatigue, and the Provider by Sujay Kansagra, MD

September 2018
The New Science of Learning:  Applying Cognitive Learning Theory to Medical Education by Todd Zakrajsek, PhD

March 2018
Teaching Communication Skills in the Clinical Workplace by Marcie Rosenbaum, PhD

August 2017
New Tools and Paradigms for Assessing and Teaching Professionalism in the Health Sciences by John Mahan, MD

May 2017
Active Learning in Large Groups:  A Team Sport by Alice Fornari, EdD, RD

February 2017
Excellent Clinical Teaching in a Busy Practice:  Make the Most of Your Limited Time by Lisa E. Leggio, MD, FAAP

July 2016
Resident Confessions: The Value of Sharing Vulnerabilities by Jeffrey Berger, MD, MBA

April 2016
Gallows Humor in Medicine and Medical Education by Katie Watson, JD

January 2016
Millennials Rising:  Learner Centeredness Across Generations by Joshua Jauregui, MD