2019 Scholarly Education Posters

*Selected Podium Presentation

A Narrative Review of Using Films For Teaching Psychiatry in Graduate and Undergraduate Medical Education
M. Prakash, B. Ratnakaran, A. Kablinger

A New OBGYN Pocket Guide; Combining  Associative Learning and Narrative Medicine for the Purpose of Improved Retention In Obstetrics And Gynecology Residency
J. Nunziato, A. Lawrence

Acute Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Hepatitis C Screening: Interdisciplinary Implementation of Patient and Provider Education
A. Kabinger, M. Rubio, D. Hoch, W. Rea, L. Dishner

An Interactive Process for Delivering Pharmacologic Interventions of Migraine Headache to First-Year Medical Students
J. Cleveland, R. LeClair

An Interprofessional Experience of Bioethics for Health Professions Graduate Students:  The Ethics Health Care Team Challenge
D. Musick, D. Trinkle, R. Vari, P. Whitehead, C. Pile, J. Tabor

An Ultrashort Video to Educate Healthcare Providers on Fingertip Injury Repair
P. Apel, Y. Alshawkani, N. Orfield, H. Hagan, D. Kuehl

Cancer And Comics: Exploring the Potential of Graphic Medicine In Interprofessional Education
C. Olson, D. Musick, D. Trinkle, J. Tabor

Concept Mapping as a Tool to Learn Immunopathogenesis
K. Brown

Demystifying Action Potentials: Making Sense of Neuroscience for All Educational Backgrounds
K. Rau

Examining an Evidence-Based Medicine Culture in Residency Education
J. Epling, J. Heidelbaugh, D. Woolever, G. Casteli, M. Mi,   E. Mader, C. Morley

Getting To The Core of Residency Education:  An Institutional Curriculum to Meet Accreditation Requirements
S. Whicker, M. Rudd, D. Kees

Integrating a Longitudinal Systems and Safety Science Thread into a Four-Year Medical School Curriculum
D. Musick, S. Parker, R. Vari, C. Johnson

Making A Square Hole for a Square Peg: A Course Structure for Modern Medical Education
A. Binks

Medical Histology: A Fresh Look at Analog Microscopy in the Digital Age
S. Barrett, R. LeClair

Medical Student Perceptions Concerning Interprofessional Education:  Do They Change Over Time?
D. Musick, D. Trinkle, R. Vari, R. Mutcheson

One Less Silo: Generating an Integrated Resource To Support Integrated Delivery
R. LeClair

Reviving Rounds: Using A Tablet for Note-Taking During Medicine Rounding
A. Robbins, S. Feldman, G. Karamian, C. DeMott, J. Sweet

Strength in Numbers: Using Group Peer Review for Grant Review
S. Whicker, M. Rudd, D. Musick, A. Nagler

Stressors and Coping Mechanisms of Medical Students
T. Criss, M. Rudd, D. Musick, B. Mutcheson, A. Knight

Surgical Judgment of Attending Surgeons Is More Stable Than Residents Across Surgical Situations
J. Hartman-Kenzler, N. Lau,   E. Fichtel, J. Park, S. Ponnala, S. Parker, S. Fitzgibbons, S. Safford

Using A Culinary Health Experience to Teach Teamwork Skills:  A New Interprofessional Education Experience
D. Musick, D. Trinkle, R. LeClair, N. Bishop, C. Johnson

Virginia Tech-Carilion – Carilion Clinic Family  Medicine Residency Precepting Evaluation Improvement Study
H. Cox, J. Epling, M. Sweet, P. Tu, L. Daniels