2018 TEACH Education Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd annual TEACH awards!

Educator Mentorship Award
The TEACH Educator Mentorship Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated excellence in counseling and guidance towards others’ teaching practices, and/or educational research.

Dean Cynda Johnson, MD, MBA
(Family & Community Medicine)

Innovative Teaching Award
The TEACH Innovative Teaching Award recognizes the exceptional use of new teaching strategies or the implementation of existing strategies in new ways to enhance teaching.

Chad DeMott, MD
(Internal Medicine)

Feedback Award
The TEACH Feedback Award recognizes the challenging role of effectively and skillfully incorporating feedback into daily routines that focus on specific behaviors, assess performance, guide reflection, promote expertise, and identify a learner’s readiness to change.

Adrienne Kinsey, MD
(Family & Community Medicine)

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award
The TEACH Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award recognizes outstanding achievements in research, scholarly activity, and creative accomplishments that focus on the effectiveness of teaching methods.

Andrew Binks, PhD
(Basic Science Education)

Leading the Way to Educational Excellence
A special recognition of one of our leaders, who has shown an exemplary commitment to TEACH.
This individual has presented and attended numerous sessions, served on committees and shared their expertise in various ways over the last year, effectively leading the way to education excellence!
Aubrey Knight, MD
(Family & Community Medicine)