2017 Annual TEACH Education Day

2017 TEACH Education Day

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Below you will find the videos and handouts for both keynote sessions, a scholarly poster presentation, TEACH recognition, and the first annual TEACH awards recipients at the reception of 2017 TEACH Education Day.
These sessions count toward you annual requirement for faculty development related to teaching.

The 8-step Preceptor

By speaker: Larrie Greenberg, MD

At the end of this session you should be able to:
1) assess participants experiences with case-based teaching;
2) identify barriers to teaching with trainees in different settings;
3) evaluate a teaching interaction, looking for what was done to enhance learning and to inhibit learning;
4) dissect the 8-step preceptor, looking for principles of adult learning

Click here for 8-Step Preceptor Model handout
In the video of this workshop we explored the barriers that get in the way of teaching and learning. Dr. Greenberg role-played with a student/resident to allow for real-time evaluation by participants. This was followed by looking at the 8-step preceptor and how this process can streamline teaching and learning. The session ends with reflections on how this model might be used in different settings.

Video of The 8-step Preceptor presentation:

How Do I Know I am Teaching Effectively?

By speaker: Larrie Greenberg, MD

At the end of this session you should be able to:
1) assess how to provide information to a large group in an interactive way (as an alternative to traditional lecturing);
2) identify the components of what makes teaching effective;
3) dissect the components of effective teaching in order to change behavior

In the video of this presentation, Dr. Greenberg engaged the audience at different times of the presentation, to assess participant understanding and experiences. He also used movies as a way to prompt participants to apply information they learned.

Video of How Do I Know I am Teaching Effectively presentation:


TEACH Education Day Posters, Recognition, and Awards Reception

Below you will find links to the first annual TEACH award winners, a video of the reception opening remarks before the selected oral poster presentation, and .PDFs of all scholarly posters on display.

Click here to view the 1st annual TEACH award winners!

Click here to view all scholarly posters at TEACH Education Day

Video of Selected Poster Presentation by Dr. Megan Lord: